Cache Creek Motels



Cache Creek is a beautiful town with a lot of dry grasslands, working ranches and deserts surrounding it. It is at the crossroads to the Southern Interior of British Columbia and Cariboo Country. It is one of the major stop over or rest point for travelers driving north, westward to Vancouver, east to Kamloops and the Lower mainland.

Outdoor Activities

Apart from being a halting point for travelers, it is known for outdoor activities and recreations. If you are an adventure lover or are interested in exploring the region in its semi-arid climate, Cache Creek is perfect for hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, hunting, golfing and picnic.

Camping Treats

Got a group with you, then a visit to the Cache Creek Canyon Regional Park is a great idea for camping and bonfire.

Wine Tasting

Got the love for wine? Visit the Capay Valley Vineyards and indulge in some exquisite wine tasting like nowhere else!

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting is fun and you do not need to go too far for that! Visit the likes of Whitewater Adventures and Cache Canyon River Trips for a fun-filled and exciting rafting experience with friends and family!

Motels in Cache Creek

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